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In addition, paramedics need good lighting, and the interior temperature needs to stay within an acceptable range for patient comfort and safety and the proper storage of medications. This saves fuel and cuts emissions while drawing energy from a secondary battery to power the equipment and maintain temperature.

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If more power is needed, the software restarts the engine. The ambulances also have solar panels on the roof to assist in powering the medical equipment and the second battery.

At first, the paramedics who drive the ambulances were a little unsure about the move to hybrids. They also notice the electric assist when they accelerate. Addley knew the county would not get full return on that investment, partly because the department sells ambulances after six years.

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Recouping three-quarters of the extra cost may be feasible and he hopes the vehicles will fetch a higher resale price. So far, the county is saving 18 to 20 percent on fuel consumption with a similar reduction in CO2 emissions.

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HANSON - STRING THEORY - Siren Call (Full Song)

Submissions close on the 20th May , subject line: Artwork submissions sirencallmagazine. All Videos Play video. With sounds that transcend all geographic borders the trio have enough tatters to the edges to remain connected with the audience, with expansive compositions that fill the room.

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The grunt and gruff are a delight as the band produces music which has the ability to shine across large venues. Although well established as an international touring act, Siren Call have developed much of their following through live performance, which is great. For those of us not in the local environs, they have made little available and I hope they will get round to balancing this anomaly as they have much to offer, if only we could hear it. It has that same sort of even, melodic feel to it.

Siren Call

Give it a listen and see what you think. Siren Call deliver a solid mix of good old guitar riffs, awesome bass sound and some solid drum beats. I had the pleasure of booking them in and seeing their amazing talent live.

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