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Zero and Layer story and they cuck Iris? Truly this heaven. And maybe Berkana and Marino with X. I just found heaven. I was in a big Pyrrha mood so I came to check out these stories again! I'm really glad that this particular swinging-esque story didn't have a cruel feel to it. Jaune's still more than capable of getting the work done, he just likes to see Pyrrha take a few dicks not his own.

Everyone still walks away happy! A finger moved up one side of my nakedness and down the other. Leaning my head back, I gripped one of my tits, flicked my thumb over the achingly stiff nipple and moaned low and whispery into the forest air.

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  4. When I opened my eyes a little, I saw my werewolf uncomfortably moving his hips. Then I noticed that my little show was doing exactly what I wanted.

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    He had to stand up to relieve the pressure between his legs. A tight pinch made goose bumps crawl up my chest and spill over my shoulders. A red flush followed right afterward, and immediately after that, I had a wolf-man inches away, breathing hot jets down my neck that sent chills down my spine. He answered with a growl and then with a sniff of my hair, and a hand on my chest, pushing me backwards.

    He squeezed again, moving the hand on my belly back up to my swollen, aching breasts, pinching one then the other. Then he bit, then dragged those claw-fingernails down my chest and pulled a breath from my lips that welled up from deep inside me, hot and wet. He clamped down lightly on my shoulder with his teeth.

    The clock had an irritating look on its face so I followed the batteries with the clock and grinned when I heard the bastard break against the wall. Small victories can make the worst days into the best ones. What day is it? Guess I should actually bother to go today.


    But then again, what difference does it make? May as well be a thousand. Pulling on a flannel that fit very well a year ago, I was a little distressed to find out that it barely buttoned. My pants were the same story, they fit, but just. And when I let the shirt fall down into place, a very obvious bump around the top of my khaki cargoes was right there. Another jab and my finger sunk in deeper than I remember it going the last time I tried that.

    Come on Lacy, really. But, God! Why now? I did my best to stuff my tiny bulge underneath the waist of my khakis and that flattened me out a little bit.

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    All better. Just took a little creative shoving. Stop worrying so much. Rock, from class, he still looks at you. But man, those muscles sure are something. Thinking about Rock got my blood pumping, at least in my cheeks. And for some reason, even though he could have the pick of the litter, so to speak, he kept asking me out.