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Do-it-yourself 3D printing is a new and exciting technology that gives you the power to make extraordinary things that were previously impossible.

This book is a concise guide to creating 3D models and for mastering the skills of 3D printing through a series of easy-to-follow recipes. It covers the detailed process of 3D printing using RepRap machines along with some fundamental 3D printing techniques such as 3D scanning, parametric modeling, and digital fabrication. Features a wide selection of 3D models and textures just right for your own projects, plus the Max files and examples to more than tutorials. The DVD also includes a full-color electronic version of the book!

Is your 3D modeling up to speed? It soon will be with this brilliant practical guide to speed modeling with 3ds Max, focusing on hard surfaces. Raise your productivity a notch and gain a new level of professionalism. Step by step illustrated tutorials are supported by a focused commentary. The examples are designed to proceed from starting to model through model finishing to putting models to work within projects and presentation.

The book shows both - the entire flow of asset creation and granular methodology. This book will appeal to anyone interested in 3D modeling who wants to improve their speed modeling ability, particularly artists whose work is relevant to industries where hard surface modeling or model prototyping is required, such as games, films, or visualization.

Production of 3D art is an exciting medium, but the task of modeling requires intense attention to detail, so speed and efficiency are vital. This book breaks down speed modeling workflow in 3ds Max into stages you can easily achieve, with a focus on hard surface modeling and methods you can apply to your own designs.

It focuses on hard surface modeling, and shows the range of tools and techniques in 3ds Max This book shows content creation methods aimed at 3ds Max modelers preparing to show their skill to the industry. The key feature of modeling that artists must exhibit is speediness while preserving technical accuracy.

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The author helps you follow set project guidelines while pushing creativity and outlines the entire workflow from concept development to exporting a game-ready model. The book begins with introductions for new users to the interface and modeling tools, and progresses to topics aimed at users already familiar with 3ds Max, who want to improve their content creation process.

You'll also see ways 3ds Max content is used with other applications, like sculpting software and game editors, and learn features of speed modeling, efficient workflow, re-use of content, and tips on getting more done, more quickly. By the end of this book you will have learned key topics in modeling, ready to face professional level work with elan. The 4x4 Project invited four leading designers, celebrated for their experimental work in 3D, to create new pieces on the theme of "Geometry and Chaos".

In this book, you'll find the information and the inspiration to bend tools to your own ends.

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The designers describe how they use applications like 3ds max, Carrara Studio, and Strata 3D to create the components for their final images, before processing them with Photoshop to add depth, color, texture, and complexity. Search For:. Narrow your search.

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What You Will Learn Use the D Catch program to 3D scan common objects of almost any size for 3D printing Manipulate the surface mesh of a 3D model using Meshmixer v, the 3D modeling program Clean up your scans and stitch them together to make a solid model using MeshLab v1. Merchant: Amazon. Sold by Amazon. A small example: 15 years ago, offthe- shelf computers were only able to cope with flat 2D graphics. Improvements in system design made it possible to process 3D scenes, leading to a powerful contribution to our everyday life.

However, such scenes need to be created by experienced artists employing difficult and expensive tools. The increasing demand for realism makes things not easier. At the same time, the rapid improvement of commodity hardware enables the development of low cost systems for 3D photography. How can systems for volumetric scene reconstruction be efficiently designed?

How may high quality be combined with real-time processing? And how is it possible to create a lightweight architecture using a single computer? After presenting an introductory overview and sketching a novel approach to scene reconstruction, the author Christian Nitschke gives a survey of related work in high-performance reconstruction by shape from silhouette and shape from photo-consistency.

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To convey a profound understanding to the reader he explains the fundamentals of scene and camera geometry, image formation, light and color as well as 3D reconstruction from multiple views. The novel approach is then introduced in two steps by mapping a basic algorithm to an advanced algorithm using graphics hardware acceleration.

I am a self-taught freelance graphic designer from Montreal, Canada. I've been designing for the last 4 years and really have a huge passion for creative work that makes a difference in our world.

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If you wanna requests some posts; I can be found on Twitter or feel free to contact me. Nature In-Vader is another amazing digital illustration by Adam Spizak and on this post he will share with us step by step of how this nature inspired Star Wars image was done. Enjoy this awesome case study! For more from Adam Spizak visit behance.

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The same time i was thinking it would be fun to make a cross into Star Wars on one had - invaders tribute on the other side. The project was open for few months busy times lately so it was worked on nights , most of the elements was done in Maxon Cinema 4D and Pixologic ZBrush, other elements like Death Star took few days being hand-drawn.

Base of the rendering was done - colours established , mixed two sets of materials for the mask - glossy black and glossy white to break the black colours a bit, some of the bg shapes were put in - done in PS.

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Frontal textures were added in to get darker worn off feel, all the mask GI lights were boosted, mask cracks added as well, invader screen was added inside the right eye. A lot more detail was added - plastic bags, the death star was hand-drawn and added in as a smoke shape from the light sabre cut, phone and modem are 80' reference. Florals were added with the bird - to balance out the right side and add the nature element, iPhone screes were fixed, lots of smaller elements - from the storm trooper to the neon sign.

More tweaking - adding details small debris and dust water and fishes were added as 2nd nature element and visual balance out for the right hand side. Here we have the final version of Nature In-Vader - the idea behind the image was to create image both inspired by StarWars - but the same time to play with the name and based it on the idea of nature being overrun by rubbish - with a dip of the 80 subculture. Hope everyone liked it, there's an wallpaper available for download at artisnavi.

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Hi there! I'm Paulo Canabarro , 26 year old web designer - paulocanabarro. I'm truly passionate about design of all kinds, finding and sharing inspiration here has become part of my life.

ISBN 10: 0321767446

If you like to know more about me or get in touch visit my website paulocanabarro. Massimo Carnevale is one of the best comic book artist of the last 5 years. Even though he mostly did covers for comic book companies, he already got a straight comic style on his artworks, making it most digital but with a traditional feeling. For more illustrations from this amazing artist, please access his Blog. You can get to know more about me by acessing my Personal Website or by following me on Twitter: marcos You can also see some of my last projects at my Flickr.

Brand New Nostalgia is a group of comic artists of varied backgrounds, styles, and nationalities bringing you themed works on a weekly basis. That brief description summarize what this awesome guys are all about, here I posted three themes they developed recently, but please don't forget to access their site for more awesomeness.

Do you want to see all images from all Daily Inspirations? I'm from Brazil, co-founder of Zee with Fabio. If you wanna request some posts, please feel free to contact me or follow on Twitter. It's time for our best news of this week. We have a lot of graphic and web design, a bit of architecture, ads, tech news, awesome reads and other crazy stuff! So take a look at the links we've selected for your inspiration and to keep you updated about what's going on out there! A special mention to Media Temple for the excellent service and support with Abduzeedo!

You can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter twitter. Want to know how your favorite tech company makes money? Industrial Revolution 2. Twitter for iPad 5. Should We Focus on User Experience? We all know that we live in a world based on trends, and it's important because it makes the industry move. It's also important for designers to understand that and be able to work on all sorts of styles. That will definitely be a differential in any career. Sebastian Onufszak is a good example of that. His work is an example of that.

Between and he worked as an Art Director at Liquid — a design agency based in Augsburg Germany — and was responsible for print and interactive projects. Since Onufszak has been working for an international range of high-end clients in the fields of print, interactive and motion media as a self-employed designer.

His commercial and personal works were featured in numerous design publications and exhibitions worldwide. He also lectures on motion graphics and animation at the University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg. Branding and package design marketing traditional men's shaving products to a wider, contemporary male audience.