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Foreword by Tom Big Al Schreiter. About the Author.

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Introduction: The Promise of Network Marketing. Recommended Readings: Other Books by Dr. Joe Rubino. He regularly leads courses and gives presentations on leadership development, communication skills, network marketing, and team building.

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He built his own network marketing dynasty, which continues to grow. Social Selling Mastery. Interior Design: Interior Decorate like a Boss.

Rose Stanek. Lauren Cox. Cindy Guentert-Baldo.

For Your English. Learn to Speak English Fast.

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Peter Crooks. Sashiko : A Japanse embroidery technique. Cerise Montauban. TJ Walker.

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Spanish for Beginners. The complete Method. Level 1. Peter Hanley. Mike Boyd. Is it employees? Is it your credentials or intellectual knowledge? Is it your products or services?

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No, actually, it is none of these. Your single most important business asset is your MIND Your business only grows as quickly as you, your mind and your thinking do. Print this list, and refer to it often.

The Principle Of Transcendent Purpose Great companies and great business leaders do great things that leave a lasting legacy and make this world a better place for you and me. Viktor Frankl, the great Austrian psychiatrist, said it best: "Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue How can you make your business a vehicle for making a difference in your customers' lives?

If you focus on the problem, you will get more of the problem.

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If you focus on finding a solution, the door will open to more solutions. Wherever your attention is, will drive your most probable outcome. Where is your attention right now in your business - on the problem or on the solution?? Your thoughts make your business and your world.